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Over the years of working on projects in different industries, ranging from small solutions, to large global websites running in 25+ countries, I've come to follow a simple design thinking framework and a set of basic principles.
This enables me to create beautiful solutions, achieving business needs and providing great and meaningful experiences for the customers.


A framework for creating beautiful solutions

Design thinking is a user-centric process for creating beautiful solutions for even ill-defined problems. Its steps focus on understanding the environment, defining the problem we are solving and iteratively prototyping and testing ideas to come with a meaningful solution.

"Focus on solving the right problem. If you solve the wrong problem, it doesn't matter how well you solve it."


My ways of working


Wireframes and prototypes are intermediate deliverables, I focus on using them effectively, in order to reach their peak value and get the message across properly, but avoid getting caught on unnecessary details - saving the time for polishing of final designs.


Working with Atomic design principles and leveraging style guides enables creation of consistent user experience, while saving resources on the development side.


Learn fast, fail fast. Short iterations, frequent testing on small scale to quickly validate ideas and identify and fix errors.
I also like to involve the whole development team in initial brainstorming to get common understanding on what we're designing and building.

The Full Package



Business objectives

How do you define success? How do we measure it? What are your objectives and what do we need to build in order to deliver value to your business? How are you different from competition and how can we reflect it in the solution? These and many other questions should be answered in order to create a winning strategy.


Target audience and context

Focus on understanding your target audience, their context and their objectives by creating personas and validating them through exploratory interviews, followed by drafting Customer Journeys to understand the interaction with your product or service and discover opportunities for innovation.


User flows, Protoyping, Visual design

Ideation and prototyping of responsive websites or apps, from low fidelity sketches, through interactive prototypes, to high fidelity designs. A journey to creating the perfect solution for your business, setting the user in the centre of the design process.


The voice of the user

Usability testing of both finished websites and work-in-progress prototypes on desktop and mobile devices. According to Jacob Nielsen, testing on just 5 users helps to discover 80% of usability issues.

Contact Me

Thanks you for reviewing my portfolio. For questions about my skills and experience, or even if you just want to say hi, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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